How to attract female developers

Attract female developers with Pink Programming!

According to IT & Telekombolagen, there will be 70,000 developers short in Sweden 2020. Of the developers in Sweden today, only 6% are women (according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019). In an industry where there is such a great need to hire, how can there be so few women represented?

How do you attract female developers to your company? And how do you create a workspace where everybody can thrive, no matter their gender, age, interests or background?

After coding with thousands of women around the country, we want to share our insights about what female coders seek in their work life. We will share our insights from the meetings and surveys we have conducted within our network. After the workshop you’ll know how to create an inclusive work environment and where to reach out to female developers, and you’ll be an expert at writing appealing job ads.

The workshop contains three parts: an introduction to the topic diversity and inclusion, exercises on how to attract a more diverse workforce, and finally an exercise on becoming a more inclusive workplace and keeping those female developers. After the day you’ll have access to an online toolbox to help you implement what you have learned.

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