We are Sweden's biggest community for developers who are women and non-binary

We want to create an inspiring environment, where girls and women who are interested in programming can have fun and feel at home while they learn to code, or build on existing skills. We also want to highlight the female role models of today. Because of this, all our teachers and inspirational speakers are women who work as developers themselves. Pink Programming turns to both experienced developers and total beginners.

Pink Programming was founded 2015 with the purpose to organize camps where women could learn to program in an inspiring and undemanding environment. The founders of Pink Programming are three female developers who wished for more female colleagues in the industry. We want to spread programming fun to more people!

Our goal is to get more women to program and the target audience for our events is
therefore all women-identified, whether they are girls, aunts or ladies.
Our events are of course also open to those who do not identify themselves as women but because of gender identity does not feel represented among programmers.

Pink Programming is active in three cities, but has more than 100 volunteers active all over Sweden. We arrange over 25 Sundays and workshops every year, plus a number of camps during summer and winter.


Become a volunteer

We are looking for you, who want to help with organizing events, designing, coding, supervising, finding sponsors – and much more! You don’t need any earlier experience to be a volunteer for us, we are helping each other and learn on the way. You offer us a little of your time and engagement. We offer you an exciting journey with a fast growing organization, a female network in the industry and a lot of useful experience.

Come to one of our events and talk to us about how you can get involved!
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