Apply for the best summer job ever!

Spend 5 days (or more!) on the dreamy and beautiful country side of Skåne, Österlen. Combine intense programming with spending time in an apple plantation, swim in the sea, and fun activities in Kivik – can it get any better than that?

Pink Programming camps are all about having fun learning programming, meeting amazing people, while enjoying the best the Swedish countryside has to offer. The camps are all-inclusive and offer a high-quality programming course for an affordable price.

The camps are led by the camp manager and carried out by camp groups with the help of the camp manager’s supervision and assistance. All the positions are paid. We are now looking for people that would like to work at one, two or maybe three of our camps and be a part of group of four people. We are looking for the follwing:

Camp Coordinator

(1 person / camp)
As the Camp Coordinator, your main task is to make sure that the camp group are working well together and that the group is working smoothly. Together with the Camp Manager you plan and structure up the activities, food and the practical parts of the camp.

Main Teacher

(1 person / camp)
The Main Teacher is responsible for development, planning and arranging the camp course together with the camp manager, and is in charge of holding the course at the actual camp.

Teaching assistant

(2 persons / camp)
The Teaching Assistant’s main responsibility is to assist the main teacher and help out with various camp related tasks. The Teaching Assistant should be able to explain the programming steps for the participants and convey knowledge by answering questions and explaining exercises.

Pink Programming always want to be able to offer camps of the highest quality and in true ”Pink spirit”, so for us is it important that you understand our cause and vision.
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The weeks for the camps and the available positions are:

Week 32

(Wed 7/8 – Sun 11/8)

– Camp coordinator (1)
– Main Teacher (1)
– Teaching Assistants (2)

Week 33

(Wed 14/8 – Sun 18/8)

– Camp coordinator (1)
– Main Teacher (1)
– Teaching Assistants (2)

Week 34

(Wed 21/8 – Sun 25/8)

– Camp coordinator (1)

Application is already open – apply here today »

If you have any questions regarding the camps, please contact our Camp Manager Josefine Hjertström at

Are you a Pink member and interested to run your own camp? Read more here »

2 kommentarer till ”Apply for the best summer job ever!

  • Hej Josefine!

    Så kul att du är camp manager!! Hoppas att få träffa dig snart!
    Jag vet inte om jag är sent ute men jag vill supergärna vara hjälplärare på läger i sommar! Jag kan vecka 33 och 34! Om ni har plats fortf så är jag pepp, jag kan hjälpa till med python, java adruino och kanske några till.

    Keep up the awesome work!

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