Pink Programming Camps

Deep dive into code in a friendly environment!
At our camps you get the chance to deepen your knowledge. You who are a beginner get plenty of time to learn the basics, and you who are an experienced developer get plenty of time to rehearse and try new things.

Since the summer of 2015, we have arranged camps with the aim of teaching programming to women in an inspiring and friendly environment. At each camp, 15-20 participants gather in a cabin where we fill the days with lessons in programming, good food and excursions. In the evenings we cook dinner together, watch movies and talk well into the wee hours. We never have a boring time together!

The camps always have a specific area or language as a focus. For example, we have arranged camps in Java, C #, JavaScript and Machine Learning!


Upcoming Camps

Deep Learning Winter Camp

Longing for the cold and snowy weather of Swedish winters? Are you eager to explore the potentials and pitfalls of deep learning? Then take the chance to join our winter camp, full of coding and sprinkled with snowy activities!

This is an intermediate camp for data enthusiasts where we together will learn more about recent advancements in deep learning. Workshops will focus on various applications of neural networks on images, text and reinforcement learning and span both introductory theory and hands-on practical projects.

When not coding together, we will try out snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and sauna. Pink Programming camps are social occasions where participants get to know each other and expand their network within the machine learning field.

Join us in January to explore both high mountains and deep learning in beautiful Järvsö! ❄️

When: January 14-18th
Where? Järvsö.
Tickets & more information below.