Curious on what our PinkWebDevs have been up to lately?

Well, some things have changed for the participants of this web dev course of ours due to Covid-19. The photos are from our kick off in February, since we no longer can meet up IRL. But we keep going online!

Last week, our amazing sponsor Neo4j boosted our soon to be freshly baked web developers with a digital workshop and a virtual tour of the office! Louise Söderström, developer at Neo4j and board member of Pink Programming, held both the tour and the workshop.

The 20 female participants of PinkWebDev, who are now more than halfway in the frontend course, got the opportunity to hear all about Neo4j’s background. We are happy to have such cool sponsors joining us on our journey towards an equal IT industry!

Being true to Pink Programming’s beliefs, there is no better way to learn than to code, so naturally the workshop ended with a code along where the participants mapped and matched their skills on the Neo4j browser. Thank you Neo4J for sponsoring us and for providing our PinkWebDev’s with both inspiration and knowledge!

Photos by: Amelia Barklid

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