How do you, as a company, reach and attract sought after competence to the workplace? And how do you, as an employer, create an inclusive work environment where all of your employees can prosper, no matter of gender, background or age?

Research shows the more diverse the team, the higher the productivity, creativity and profitability of the team. Still in 2020, less than 10% of developers in Sweden were women.

We want to change that! Pink Programming is now launching a hands-on course with practical tools for how companies can attract female developers and create an inclusive workplace with a diverse workforce.

The course will take place in late Spring 2021, with a limited number of tickets. Tickets are now available!

The course

Pink Programming, Sweden’s largest network for female developers, has over the years gained unique insights from the thousands of women in the industry who have shared their experiences with us. We have teamed up with PkByrån, leading experts in gender equality and inclusive recruitment, to combine our collective knowledge with evidence based research and statistics. The result is a unique and sought after course, focusing on improving gender equality at workplaces through recruitment and inclusive work environments.

Target audience

With Attract Female Developers we are targeting companies interested in creating a more gender equal workplace, including recruitment processes, to attract and retain female developers. Preferably management and HR representatives.


During the course we will share the insights and experiences we have gathered from women working as developers. It will be combined with lectures, discussions and interaction on how to address it and create change. In between the sessions you will get exercises to work on, and at the end of the course you will have a digital toolbox to help you transform your learnings into practice at your workplace.

Participants will gain knowledge on:

  • The premises to create and maintain an inclusive work environment
  • Which aspects female developers considers important in their employer
  • The mechanisms behind marketing of a workplace that is appealing to women
  • How to write ads and recruitment ads that’s both appealing to women and inclusive
  • Understanding how your communication, as an employer, is perceived

Course details

A course consists of 2 sessions, 3 hours each, and will be held digitally by course leaders from Pink Programming and PkByrån.
Two courses will be available to register for in Spring 2021:

  • April 20th + May 4th
  • April 22nd + May 6th
    The course can be delivered in Swedish or English

Registration and prices

Booking for Spring 2021 courses is now closed.

Pre-booking for Fall 2021 courses is now open through the form below. We will get back to you with confirmation. 

Ord. price: 9800 SEK / person

Pink Programming is a non-profit organisation and is not subjected to VAT


Do you have any questions or would like more information? Contact us at:

Pink Programming is a non-for-profit organisation (ideell förening) and Sweden’s largest network for female developers. We aim to create a gender equal IT industry, and increase the number of women working as developers as well as increasing women’s influence in the tech world.

PkByrån is a strategic partner, which, together with their clients, creates inclusive workplaces, recruitment and communication. The starting point is always the organisation’s specific prerequisites and the work is built on the latest research in the field.