Get involved with Pink Programming!

Being a member and volunteer at Pink Programming means you get to be part of a fast-growing organization. You will have ample opportunities to make your mark and to make a big difference in your city. You will have access to a great network of companies in the IT industry that prioritize gender equality and female coding enthusiasts across our country from different IT sectors and all different ages.

To join, you do not need any previous experience as we help each other out and learn along the way together. You offer us some of your time and commitment, and we, in return, offer you an exciting journey within a fast-growing organization and a female network in the IT industry, plus lots of useful experiences along the way.

If you would like to help out, come to one of our events and let us start a conversation.
The board is responsible for the governance of the organization.


Want to help us spread the joy of programming to more people?

Applications for spring 2021 are now closed but if you are curious about what type of volunteering positions we usually look for  click here to read more.

Is there another way you would like to get involved? Then do not hesitate to shoot us a message to our email hello@pinkprogramming.se and, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!