100 days of code: one third down, two thirds to go!

Hi friends! A full month has passed since I started my 100 days of code, and it’s been really educational in a lot of ways. Life has (to put it mildly) gotten rather intense for all of us, but I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. To quote one of the greats I shall not dwell on the negative for too long for, the show must go on.

Welcome to Ashley’s coding corner

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know what Pink Programming is all about – and I am so thankful that they have given me the opportunity to share my thoughts in writing with you. I will be using this little corner of the Pink blog to share some personal posts about my love for (and struggles with) tech and programming-related topics.

Getting closer to that larger meaning in life

Everyone is seeking that larger meaning in life, and so am I! These days I’m working as a DataAnalyst for iZettle.com, an enterprise trying to empower small businesses to survive the game which giant monopolies and duopolies are ruling. Coming to iZettle has given me a strong sense of the meaning I’ve been searching for. As a proudly failed entrepreneur in a previous role, I feel like I have landed on two feet at iZettle and I feel fulfilled and strong. But this only makes up some of the meaning I am searching for. There is so much more!