Pink programming Sundays

Brighten your Sunday and program with us!
At Pink Programming Sundays, we meet to program and spend time together. On most events, we have free choice coding, where you can choose which programming language to use and what to work with. For those who want, we recommend tutorials and small assignments. Other Sundays, we have some workshop or activity together with our sponsors. It could be anything from robot programming and web design to truck driving.

Common to all occasions are that you don’t need any previous knowledge, that the events are totally free and that lunch is included! The only demand is that you bring your own laptop and are open to learn something new. Pink Programming Sundays are organized in both Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö about once a month. Our Sundays are very popular so make sure to sign up in time – the number of spots is limited and first come, first served is applied.

pink programming Camps

One week of programming, excursions and other fun activities – for both beginners and experienced developers!

Summer is right around the corner, and we all know what that means – it’s time for Pink Programming Summer Camp! This year we have 5 different camps with a range of topics for both beginners and experienced developers – pick one or attend them all! All camps are five day long with focus on programming and having fun together at a beautiful location. Our camps have been very popular, so be sure to get your spot quick. This year we will have following camps: (see description below)


Our Pinkwebdev has come to an end, but check out for more updates in the near future!

Pinkwebdev is a pilot project, which took place in Malmö during the spring of 2017. It is a course in web development for women and transgender people who see a future as developer. Our course participants will during 12 Wednesday evenings learn to code in JavaScript and get knowledge about different tools for web development, among other things. Furthermore, we will work together with several companies from Skåne who are supporting the project. This will make it possible to see how developers work, but is also a chance to create a network in the industry.

The first  round of the course started the 1st of February, and is fully booked with a long waiting list. Hopefully, the project will be successful and come back in some form in the autumn.

If you want to know more, Pinkwebdev has its own web page: If you have general questions about the project, you can email