Pink Web Dev

Become a developer with Pink Programming!

During spring 2017 Pink Programming ran a pilot project in Malmö, PinkWebDev, where a 12 weeks programming course was offered in combination with company visits and matchmaking. The pilot project was a big success and gained a lot of interest from both participants and companies wanting to get involved. Pink Programming will once again start giving this course, with support from Malmö Stad.

The intention of the course is to prepare you as participant for work as junior developers. You will learn technologies, frameworks and methodologies that are in line with industry demanded. Once a week there will be a three hour evening lecture on site in Malmö where all participants can work with exercises and get help from code mentors. Some of the lectures will be held on site at local companies to showcase how the technologies are used in practice. The course will be based on the flipped classroom principle, which means that all course content is available online for you to go through at home at your own pace.

The course targets you who are beginners (no or almost no experience with programming) who seek a future as developer. You will have enough knowledge after the course to be able to take on a developer internship or a junior position.

Registration opens during september! Keep an eye out on our blog and social media! 

If you have any questions about the project, contact the project manager Tshepiso Lehutjo at