Say hi to Ellen – Pink Programming’s new Head of Communication!

Ellen Hedberg, Head of Communication at Pink Programming

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A little over a year ago, Pink Programming hired our first employee Alice Larsson as our Managing Director. Now it’s time for the next step! Ellen Hedberg is our second employee, with the role as Head of Communication. In addition to leading the communications work, she will also be responsible for further developing our code events Pink Programming Sunday.

Ellen holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Cultures from Lund University and has been done a lot of volunteer work, for example as Head of Communication at the Academic Society in Lund. After a year as a communicator at Region Skåne, she has left her role to dive in to Pink Programming as employee number two.

Welcome Ellen! We have to start with the classic question: how does it feel?

–Thank you! It feels really good. It is fun to work in an organization like Pink Programming that knows what it wants and tackles the gender equality issue in the IT industry hands on.

How did you first hear about Pink Programming?

–I heard about Pink Programming about three years ago through social media. There were a lot people in my network who liked and shared Pink in their feeds and although I never worked in IT, Pink felt like an important initiative that I gladly spread on further. Therefore, it feels extra fun to actually be a part of it now!

What do you look forward to the most with your new role at Pink Programming?

–I look forward to doing my part in pushing for change for an important issue. Pink Programming does an incredible amount of work with volunteer forces and being able to be an extra push to further develop our business will be a lot of fun! I also look forward to getting to know the network around Pink and to attend and help organize the events. I visited the Java camp this summer and w-o-w what an event. I was met by a house full of welcoming volunteers, professional teachers, happy participants and a great atmosphere. I already long for next summer’s camps!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

–That I know that I get to spend my days working on this fall’s challenges and goals for Pink Programming with Alice and our volunteers. Well, that, a large cup of coffee and the fact that there are dogs in the office!

What happens at Pink Programming this fall?

–A lot! We have a lot of exciting Pink Programming Sundays planned in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm and our volunteers and sponsors are looking forward to meeting you who are curious about programming. First out for me is an event in Malmö with Tengai, the world’s first interview robot. Tengai’s purpose is to help companies with an unbiased recruitment process. How cool is that?

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

–You can catch a glimpse of me in an episode of the TV-show Arga Snickaren VIP, the episode where Gudrun Schyman was the main character! Those two together is a really strong combo of willful characters, I must say.

Five fast questions with Ellen:

Dog – Cat
Winter – Summer
Computer – Phone
Movie – Book
Sugar – Salt

If you have questions about Pink Programming’s communication or our programming events, you can reach out to Ellen at

Author: Helen Luu

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