Brighten up your Sunday and program with us!

Pink Sundays are our popular coding events where women, transgender and non-binary people can meet up, code, get inspired, and network together! 

Pink Sunday always includes coding in one way or another and our coding workshops have different themes each time. One Pink Sunday might focus on cyber security while the next one gets you started on how to build your first website. There are always lovely volunteer code mentors present who can help if you get stuck or need any help during the workshop. 

Every Pink Sunday also has an inspirational speaker or panel consisting of women and/or non-binary people who work with coding. Sometimes there’s a theme for the session and sometimes it’s a Q&A format. The purpose of the inspirational session is to lift up role models within the industry, while getting inspired to keep on coding and learning more about the industry and different tech roles! 

Common to all occasions is that the events are open for all, totally free and that lunch or fika is included! The only demand is that you bring your own laptop and that you’re open to learning something new. Our Sundays are very popular so make sure to sign up in time – the number of spots is limited and first come, first served is applied.


Become a more inclusive employer with Pink Programming!

Research shows the more diverse the team, the higher the productivity, creativity and profitability. Still, 92 % of developers are men, and women leave tech roles at a 45% higher rate than men. So, how can you as an employer attract and retain the right competence?

Leading for Inclusion in Tech is an interactive course with hands-on tools to help companies create inclusive workplaces with diverse workforce where employees can thrive, no matter gender or background.

The course is built on research and unique experience and insights from developers in the Pink Programming network, and developed and delivered with experts on inclusive leadership. After the course you’ll have access to an online toolbox to help you implement what you have learned.


Inspiration & networking for people in tech and curious of coding!

Pink After Works is a new event concept in the Pink family! It’s 2 hours, on a Wednesday with inspirational talks, yummy refreshments and new and old friends. It’s a space to hangout and get inspired together.

As a company, you get the chance to be the host and engage with our community – in the same safe and familiar environment that our coding Sundays events provides.

Are you an employer and want to host a Pink After Work? Reach out to Alma and let’s start the planning!


Deep dive into code in a friendly environment!

Ever since the summer of 2015, we have arranged camps with the aim of teaching programming to women in an inspiring and friendly environment. At each camp, 15-20 participants gather in a cabin where we fill the days with lessons in programming, good food and excursions. In the evenings we cook dinner together, watch movies and talk well into the wee hours. We never have a boring time together!
At our camps you get the chance to deepen your knowledge. You who are a beginner get plenty of time to learn the basics, and you who are an experienced developer get plenty of time to rehearse and try new things.
The camps always have a specific area or language as a focus. For example, we have arranged camps in Java, C #, JavaScript and Machine Learning!
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