Information regarding Covid-19

Pink Programming follow the FHM recommendations and adapt accordingly. We make the following adjustments regarding the organization’s activities and events:

  • We gradually open up for physical events and coding meetups, as well as continue with our digital success “Digital Sundays”.
  • All participants with the slightest symptoms are strictly advised to stay at home
  • We provide handsanitizer on site 
  • We avoid crowding through spacious furnishing and set-up

We strictly adapt to current regulations and the situation is evaluated on an ongoing basis. If necessary, our guidelines will be updated. 

Brighten up your Sunday and program with us!

At Pink Programming Sundays, we meet to program and spend time together. On most events, we have free choice coding, where you can choose which programming language to use and what to work with. For those who want, we recommend tutorials and small assignments. Other Sundays, we have some workshop or activity together with our sponsors. It could be anything from robot programming and web design to truck driving.

Common to all occasions are that you don’t need any previous knowledge, that the events are totally free and that lunch is included! The only demand is that you bring your own laptop and are open to learn something new. Pink Programming Sundays are organized in both Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö about once a month. Our Sundays are very popular so make sure to sign up in time – the number of spots is limited and first come, first served is applied.


Pink Programming Camps

Deep dive into code in a friendly environment!

Ever since the summer of 2015, we have arranged camps with the aim of teaching programming to women in an inspiring and friendly environment. At each camp, 15-20 participants gather in a cabin where we fill the days with lessons in programming, good food and excursions. In the evenings we cook dinner together, watch movies and talk well into the wee hours. We never have a boring time together!
At our camps you get the chance to deepen your knowledge. You who are a beginner get plenty of time to learn the basics, and you who are an experienced developer get plenty of time to rehearse and try new things.
The camps always have a specific area or language as a focus. For example, we have arranged camps in Java, C #, JavaScript and Machine Learning!

Attract Female Developers

How do you attract female developers to your company? And how do you create a workspace where everybody can thrive, no matter their gender, age, interests or background?

After coding with thousands of women around the country, we want to share our insights about what female coders seek in their work life through a workshop. We will share our insights from the meetings and surveys we have conducted within our network. After the workshop you’ll know how to create an inclusive work environment and where to reach out to female developers, and you’ll be an expert at writing appealing job ads!

The seats for our first pilot for this workshop sold out within a few days, and we already have a big interest for our next workshop session. Are you interested in joining? 

If you have any questions about the workshop, contact us at