JOB AD: Head Teacher for 12 weeks programming course – part time

Are you a developer and/or a teacher who’d like to share your knowledge and help bridge the gap between women interested in coding and local tech companies?

For the second time around, Pink Programming is bringing together women with interest and potential to enter a programming career, with our partnering companies looking to hire or offer internships to junior developers. We’re now looking for a part time head teacher that will be responsible for creating the course content and running the course together with a group of code mentors.


The Role as Head Teacher  

As Head Teacher you will be the overall responsible for the course. You will have a team of code mentors to support you during the actual lectures and in reviewing the material. There will be a project coordinator taking care of all the practicalities around the project such as booking the venue, ordering delicious vegetarian food, and communicating with sponsoring companies.

During the pilot (see below for more information), the course ran for twelve weeks with lectures once a week, but as head teacher you are able to affect the structure and format of the course. You will also be the one deciding what languages and/or frameworks to be taught – as long as it is modern technologies that are in high demand in the industry. We would like the course to not only cover a programming language, but also at least one framework and topics like version control and testing. If you would like to bring in guest teachers to cover certain topics, you are more than welcome to do so. The Pink Programming members will most likely be able to help you, but you will be the one responsible for the overall delivery.


  • Creating all the course material (both lectures and exercises)
  • Making the material available to the code mentors and refining it based on feedback
  • Being responsible for the course during the physical meetups (at least) once a week  
  • Regular contact and coordination with project coordinator so that collaboration with sponsors and guest lectures runs smoothly
  • Regular contact and coordination with code mentors


  • Employment type: Part time (25% or negotiable) contract work for 6 months
  • Course duration: Approximately 12 weeks
  • Course start: Preferably September/October (we are open to postpone the course start according to your preferences)
  • Location: Malmö

Project goal

The intention of the project is to act as the bridge between women wanting to pursue a developer career and companies struggling with both a huge shortage of developers and lack of diversity.

If the project in Malmö is as successful this second time around, the plan is to expand the project to other cities in Sweden. Therefore, it is important that the course material can be reused in future courses.

What we offer

We offer an exciting opportunity to change the IT industry! In less than 4 years Pink Programming has become the largest network for female and non-binary developers in Sweden. The organisation is run by over 100 volunteers in different cities all over Sweden, who are all passionate about making the joy of programming accessible to everyone.

We offer you a lot of freedom and flexibility in terms of both project and course content, but also in how you would like to work. We believe that happy people can create magic. You can work from our office at The Ground in Malmö or from home. We are also open to discuss the format of the contract and the number of work hours.

Project Background – a successful pilot in 2017

During spring 2017 Pink Programming ran a pilot project in Malmö, PinkWebDev, where a 12 weeks programming course was offered in combination with company visits and matchmaking. The participants learned technologies, frameworks and methodologies that were in line with what the industry demanded. The intention of the course was to prepare the participants for work as junior developers. The course was based on the flipped classrom principle, which means that all course content was available online for the participants to go through at home in their own pace. Once a week there was a lecture on site in Malmö where the participants could work with exercises and get help from code mentors. At the end of the course some of the lectures were held on site at local companies that could showcase how the technologies were used in practice.

The pilot project was a big success and gained a lot of interest from both participants and companies wanting to get involved! From over 100 applicants, a group of 17 participants were chosen to participate.

More about the pilot can be found on the project’s website. You can also read an article by Ny Teknik here.


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