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The application is closed!

About the role

You will be responsible for Pink Programming’s operations in their entirety and coordinate between our various project groups, employees and board. It is important that you like to lead, structure work and distribute responsibilities, and dare to make your own decisions and take your own initiatives. As most of the association works voluntarily, some evening and weekend work is included. And of course, to help and work so that everyone who gets involved in the association has fun!

You will be the association’s face to the outside world, which can mean bringing our case to the media, as well as being on stage and telling about our activities and our values ​​at various types of events. A central part of the work is to secure future funding, both through sponsorship, foundations and scholarships.

Pink Programming has only been around for a few years and the association is developing at a furious pace, which gives you an extremely great chance to influence our development and our way of working.

The work is based on our office at the startup hub The Ground in Malmö, with access to an innovative environment and enriching meetings. Travel within Sweden may be needed a couple of times a month. A large part of the communication with the rest of the association will take place digitally via Slack or Skype.

About the employment:

  • Fixed-term employment for 12 months at 100% or by agreement.
  • Start immediately or by appointment.

Who are we looking for?

  • We are looking for you who are passionate about gender equality and are curious about programming, technology and IT.
  • You do not necessarily have to have experience in programming or the IT industry in a previous role. But since the business is largely financed by sponsors, we believe that you would benefit from a great interest in the technology industry, different types of companies and its challenges.
  • We are happy to see that you have experience of non-profit associations and preferably also from board work.
  • You need to enjoy working with different types of people, creating new relationships and maintaining them.
  • You are a person who takes his own initiatives and is not afraid to take on unforeseen problems. If you have started your own project or company and run it further, we believe that you would benefit from that experience in your role. 
  • You need to be fluent in Swedish and English in both speech and writing.

How to apply

The application is closed!

About Pink Programming

Pink Programming is a non-profit association that was started in the autumn of 2015, with the aim of getting more women to program. The association organizes programming camps and code meetings for women of different ages and with different backgrounds. The code meetings, Pink Programming Sunday, are arranged by project groups in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö once a month. Programming camps are arranged a few times a year in a rural environment where programming is interspersed with social activities. We are about 120 active volunteers in the association and several thousand different women have coded with us since the start in 2015.

Pink Programming Sunday is free for participants and our camps and courses are at cost price. The business is currently financed by sponsors and scholarships.

Our activities are very popular and are quickly fully booked. We are now looking for you who want to take overall responsibility for Pink Programming and lead us forward!

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