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As an organization that works hard to improve the inclusion of women, non-binary and transgenders in the technology field, Pink Programming always ensures that the road towards this vision is led by people with the commitment and passion to make it happen. Our volunteers proudly come from different backgrounds, leading workshops and events across different regions in Sweden. We are now looking for new, like-minded individuals who are highly interested in being a part of leading this amazing journey towards making a difference.

The Pink Programming Board of Members lay out the plans and strategic decisions of the organization’s different aspects, whether it concerns sponsoring, organizing events, or proposing new ways that will enrich our vision. 

Being a board member is a non-profit assignment that requires participation for around 3-5 hours per week. We have board meetings online monthly and we meet physically for around 3-4 times a year. An annual meeting is held at the beginning of the year. 

As it is a volunteer initiative, any member of Pink Programming is not pressured to always contribute work. However, as part of the board more responsibility is expected from you, which means that it may sometimes require more time than aforementioned. In order to ensure the quality and organization of the work, board members are expected to pour enough effort and time in owning their respective responsibilities.

This drive of commitment and passion already exists in the current members, as we pride ourselves on making the work we do fun and meaningful. The sharing of knowledge and encouragement is what keeps our gears running. As a board member you will have the great opportunity to be a part of this influence. 

Our applications are now officially open and we are looking for women, non-binary and transgenders from diverse backgrounds of culture, ethnicity, age, professional experience and education. The board strives to be representative of the organization’s diverse members.

We do not require applicants to have any experience in the IT/software fields and non-profit organizations, but we do appreciate people who have strong ties with the industry and have existing knowledge of board work. Our goal is to have a balanced board of members, in which we can practically execute our plans while maintaining innovation in shaping our long-term strategies for our vision.

Our application forms can be filled out and sent in the links below, which also contains more specific details about the different roles that we look for in the board. 

The form is in Swedish only since a board member is required to understand swedish to be able to participate in the board discussions, but you do not have to be fluent. 

Please apply before January 20th, 2020. The election takes place at the annual meeting February 15-16.

Welcome with your application!

Board Member Application

Organization Auditor Application

Questions? Please contact our election committee,

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