Join our team of volunteers for fall 2020!

Do you want to inspire others to start programming?

Perfect, you’ve come to the right place! We are now looking for volunteers to join our teams in Malmö, Stockholm and Göteborg.

Pink Programming is a non profit organization with the mission to get more women into programming. How? By organizing code events where we welcome women and non-binary to code in an inspiring and undemanding environment!

The team behind Pink Programming is a happy bunch of professionals and students, divided into different projects groups in different cities. Some of us work as developers, others have joined us to be photographers, writers or to be just another pair of helping hands during our various events.

As a member of this fast growing organization you have the opportunity to make a big impact and you get access to a fantastic network of women and non-binary in IT.

Scroll down to read about what the different positions require and then apply for the role of your choice to your closest city through the links below.

Apply for a role in: Malmö | Stockholm | Göteborg

Please note that not all positions are available in every city.

Last day to apply is thursday September 17.

Pink Programming Sunday

Pink Programming Sundays are our coding events, usually organized once a month in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. At these code meetups, we welcome women and non-binary people of all ages, background or previous experience in programming. The events have different structures, with everything from inspirational talks and workshops, to free programming with the support from our volunteers.

Usually we meet up at a physical location to host our events, but this fall is a bit different. Since the middle of march this year we have brought all of our events online, which is something we probably will continute to do for the rest of 2020. The roles and engagement are therefore a bit different right now, but that does not mean less fun or less of a learning experience! We are looking for the following roles:

Event Managers makes sure that everything runs smoothly during the event. You make sure that everyone gets the correct access to the platform, set up the event pages online and help out if anyone is having trouble with the platform. You need to be solution oriented and be comfortable in taking charge to steer the event in the right direction if any technical mishaps would happen.

Code Mentors are the closest friends to the participants during the events. You help out when someone gets stuck with their code or when they have a code related question. This role is perfect for you who likes to help others and who would like to chat with others like you about programming.

Workshop Arranger you are part of the group that plans workshops and later hold them at one of our events. Maybe you like to find fun new ways of packaging a learning experience in coding? We also hope that you are comfortable enough to go through that workshop with the participants at the event, either by yourself or with some support from one other person in the team.

Photographers are always needed at our events. We’re looking for you who might know how to capture the joyous mood at our events by both getting up close and snapping pictures from a distance.

Social Media Producer makes sure to capture the magic that happens at the event in pictures, short video clips and text. You share all the fun we do on our Instagram Story, but you also gather content to share long after the event is over. We would love it if you are a social person that does not hesitate to get close to the participants to capture their experience. You will also be a part of the communication group.

The Sponsor Group

Pink Programming collaborates with a lot of cool and inspiring companies. We usually collaborate with a sponsor to arrange our beloved Pink Programming Sundays. To be able to keep our relationship with both existing sponsors and potential sponsors, we need some Pink talents for our sponsor group!

As a member of the sponsor team you will be expected to be able to take some meetings with companies during day time (1-2/month). You will also take part in internal group discussions in our chat forum, and occasionally also in video meetings. You need no experience with sponsor work since before – just genuine interest in making connections with others and a passion for what we do!

You don’t have to be a fluent Swedish speaker to be able to help out with sponsors. But a lot of the companies we are in contact with write to us in Swedish, so as long as you’re comfortable with some google translating we would be happy to have you onboard!

Right now we are also looking for someone who wants to be the Project Manager for this team! Sounds interesting? Click here to read more and to apply!

The Communication Group

Communication is one of the most important parts of Pink Programming. By spreading our message via our channels and platforms, we make sure women and non-binary who are interested in programming finds us. We are eager to fine tune our communication, and would love for new team members to lend us a helping hand!

Do you love graphic design, UX design or writing? As a volunteer in the communications team, there is an opportunity to work with what you love the most!

A part from the Social Media Producer role, we are also open up for the following volunteers to join us:

Second member of our Web Team, is that you? Finally, our website is in much need of your love! We are looking for you who wants to work with both maintenance of our website, but also develop and improve it in a direction that is true to our brand. Do you have any ideas on how we can make it better, faster and stronger? Then this role is for you! Previous experience with WordPress and web design is wanted.

Film Producer …is not a role we’ve had before, but we really do long to work with filmed content. Maybe you have some knowledge and/or experience but want a project to try your wings with? We would love to have a movie with some short clips from our various events, so if that sparks your interest in any way: please let us know!

Graphic Designer is also a somewhat new role for us to look for. We are looking for you who know how to create fun new stuff that sparks joy for our channels and events. You’ll get to design computer stickers for our summer camps, help with various campaign material and maybe also bring some new life into our merchandise.

Do you want to do something completely different within communication at Pink? Apply and tell us how you would like to contribute and we’ll see if we can make that happen.

You don’t need any programming knowledge to be a part of the communications team and you can work remotely. Previous experience within the communications field is preferred but not required.

Pink Social

This group is responsible for arranging fun team building and celebratory activities for volunteers in Pink! Are you maybe the person who loves to find a theme and just have fun with it? Or maybe you just like to make people feel welcome and comfortable? You’ll get to help out to arrange summer and winter holiday parties, kick offs and our annual meeting! If you are into arranging social activities and creating good vibes, then this is the group for you!

Any questions? Send us an e-mail at and we’ll be happy to straighten any question marks out!

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8 thoughts on “Join our team of volunteers for fall 2020!

  • well experienced team player with over 10 years as an operations and events and guests relations management, manages over 200 different event and many other projects , managed the social media accounts for a big events in Dubai such as media forums, exhibitions and awards, I been working under a high pressure and for long hours to accomplish an exceptional results, I been managing teams of 50 person.


    Event management
    Speakers & participants relations
    Social activities
    Influencers relations
    Logistics & operations management
    Production management
    Social media channels management

    • Hi Ahmad!

      Wow, that is very impressive! Please do apply to the city closest to you! Would love to see your application in our inbox!

      Kind regards,

    • Hi! Unfortunately we have closed this application period for this fall. Look out for our next one, we will for sure look for more volunteers in the future!

    • Hi Nicola! We have unfortunately closed the application for volunteer positions. But we have just started a new code mentor pool, for those who would like to sign up to just be a code mentor once or twice for now! Sign up here if it sounds interesting:

  • Hi!

    My name is Elnaz and I live in Stockholm. I have a bachelor degree in applied physics and I would like to take a programming course because I will need it to get a job in the future. I have a question that I want to take the course as a beginner what courses are suitable and when can I start it?

    Thanks for your help,

    Elnaz Oloumi

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