Join our team of volunteers for Spring 2021

Group of volunteers

Do you want to inspire others to start programming?

Perfect, you’ve come to the right place! We are now looking for Code Mentors, Tech Volunteers and Project Manager to join our teams in Malmö, Stockholm and Göteborg.

Pink Programming is a non-profit organization with the mission to get more women into programming. How? By organizing code events where we welcome women and non-binary to code in an inspiring and undemanding environment!

The team behind Pink Programming is a happy bunch of professionals and students, divided into different project groups in different cities. Some of us work as developers, others have joined us to be photographers, writers, tech support or to be just another pair of helping hands during our various events.

As a member of this fast-growing organization, you have the opportunity to make a big impact and you get access to a fantastic network of women and non-binary in IT.

Scroll down to read about what the different positions require and then apply for the role of your choice through the link below.

Don’t hesitate, click apply, fill in the form and let’s get to know each other!

The last day to apply is Thursday, the 7th of January.

Pink Programming Sunday

Pink Programming Sundays are our coding events, usually organized once a month in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. At these code meetups, we welcome women and non-binary people of all ages, backgrounds or previous experience in programming. The events have different structures, with everything from inspirational talks and workshops, to free programming with the support of our volunteers.

Usually, we meet up at a physical location to host our events, but for the time being, we have brought all of our events online, which is something we probably will continue to do for a bit into 2021. The roles and engagement are therefore a bit different right now, but that does not mean less fun or less of a learning experience! We are looking for the following roles:

Tech Volunteers (Stockholm, Malmö & Gothenburg)

The tech volunteer makes sure that everything runs smoothly during the event. You make sure that everyone gets the correct access to the platform, set up the event pages online and help out if anyone is having trouble with the platform. You need to be solution-oriented and be comfortable in taking charge to steer the event in the right direction if any technical mishaps would happen.

Your main focus will be to support with GoToTraining, our platform for Pink Sundays! If anyone asks questions about the technical aspects, have questions or need support, you will do your best to help them together with our kind and helpful tech support team. Your main tasks will be;

  • Participate in a pre-meeting with the sponsors, explain the platform and run a demo so they know how it works, and can test out screen sharing etc.
  • Keep an eye out for registrations, prepare the event and administrate the waiting list.
  • During the event, you could be supporting the workshop leader to split people into groups or breakout sessions, administer questions and direct them to the right person etc.
  • In total, the time needed is 2-3 hours before the Sunday, a preparation hour before the event and the whole event during the Sunday.
  • The best part? You will always work in pairs, so you will never feel left alone!

You are probably solution-oriented, communicative and enjoy when things run smoothly while working with others. What do you think, are you interested in knowing more and applying? Please do!

Code Mentor (Stockholm, Malmö & Gothenburg)

The code mentors are the closest friends to the participants during the events. You help out when someone gets stuck with their code or when they have a code related question. This role is perfect for you who likes to help others and who would like to chat with others like you about programming. This role is for you who have a background in and knowledge of coding, in one or more programming languages. Your main focus in Pink Programming could be; 

  • Being a programming advocate at our events, showing, sharing and encouraging others in different matters mainly relating to programming
  • Support our participants by repeating, unblocking, discussing and enabling them in coding – in the way they prefer it, and the way you can contribute 
  • Cheering for our participants, sharing your learnings and listening to their needs for them to find joy in programming 
  • You can also grab the opportunity to organize workshops, facilitating mentor activities and collaborations, coordinating other mentors, teaching at our summer camps or boot camps – to mention a few!

Project Manager (Stockholm)

We have two Sunday project managers in each city, and together you share the overall responsibility for the Sunday events in your city. (On average one event a month) To help you, there is a team of code mentors, workshop volunteers, communication group and tech volunteers. You will be working closely with the Pink Office (managing director and head of communication/project management), the Pink board and the project managers in the other cities. 

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Manage the Sundays team, call for meetings and engage your team members
  • Keep track of planning and deadlines for the event season
  • Coordinate volunteers, tasks and responsibilities for all Sunday events. 
  • Be in touch with the sponsor and plan the event content together with them, and serve as a bridge between the sponsor and the Sunday team. 
  • Help to build the Sundays concept together with the other project managers 

We are looking for you who think its fun to engage, motivate and inspire your team members into doing a great job! If you have previous experience in events and project management, that’s a great bonus! 

We also hope that you:

  • Can take charge but also ask for help if needed 
  • Manage both Swedish and English 
  • Would enjoy being a representative and the ”face” of Pink Programming during the events
  • Are interested and curious of the world of programming (But! You don’t have to know to program yourself)

If you are interested to know more and join our mission, please fill out the form and we will get back to you after the 7th of January! If you have any questions, please contact and we will get back to you after the holidays!

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4 thoughts on “Join our team of volunteers for Spring 2021

  • Hi! I’m a junior front end developer that works mostly with VueJs, I also have an education as a full stack web developer with some basic knowledge of C#, React, SQL and CMS. I love learning new things and discussing code with people. I haven’t had the chance to join your events but I’ve been to some DataTjej ones and the WIT conference in the past two years and I really feel motivated and inspired in these environments where women get together to share their genuine passion for tech!
    If you have any code mentor positions that focus on front end I would be really happy to join!

    • Hello Alice, to join you do not need to have any previous experience as a volunteer. We look for code mentors with different skills so don’t hesitate to apply. Just remember to do so before the 7th of January by filling out this form and also this one. If you have any further questions you can mail us at and we will get back to you after the holidays!

      Kind Regards, Melody (volunteer at Pink)

    • Hello Angela,
      Unfortunately, the applications for spring are closed. Usually, we post open positions two times a year one for spring and one for autumn. If a position opens up before that we will post it here on our website and social media. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to be updated on when the next period for applying opens☺️✨🤗
      Best regards from us at Pink!

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