An interactive course with hands-on tools to help companies create inclusive workplaces with diverse workforces.

Leading for Inclusion in Tech

Does your company strive for a diverse workforce?

Welcome to Leading for Inclusion in Tech – an interactive course with hands-on tools to help companies create inclusive workplaces where employees can thrive, no matter of gender or background.

The course is built on research and unique experience and insights from hundreds of developers in the Pink Programming network, and developed and delivered with experts on inclusive leadership. 

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Course content

The course consists of lectures, discussions and interaction on how to address and create change. One course consists of 2 sessions of 3 hours each, with a couple of weeks break for reflections, homework and practice learnings at your workplace.

Participants will gain knowledge on:

  • How to attract and retain the right talents
  • The premises to create and maintain an inclusive work environment
  • Which aspects developers who are female and non-binary consider important in their employer
  • The mechanisms behind employer branding that appeals to a diverse pool of applicants
  • How to write inclusive recruitment ads 
  • Understanding how your communication, as an employer, is perceived

At the end of the course you will have a digital toolbox to help you transform your learnings into practice at your workplace.

Who can participate?

Leading for Inclusion in Tech is targeting companies who want to be a leading employer with an inclusive work environment. The course is best suited for managers, leaders and people operations representatives.

Contact: andrea@pinkprogramming.se


Research shows the more diverse the team, the higher the productivity, creativity and profitability of the team. Still, 92 % of all developers are men. We want to change that.

Over the years we have gained unique insights from thousands of people in the industry who have shared their experiences with us, and developed the course with experts in gender equality and inclusive recruitment, to combine our knowledge with evidence based research and statistics. The result is a unique, interactive course, focusing on improving gender equality at workplaces through recruitment and inclusive work environments.

Statements from previous participants

– You managed to make a difficult and sensitive topic enjoyable and fun. Great balance between lecture and break-outs. Engaging the students in a good way.

– We’ve received a bunch of techniques for us to jump right into using.

– A lot of work is put in to the training and it shows and is appreciated.

– Thank you for a lot of hands of tips and tricks as well as concrete tools and methods.

About us

Pink Programming is Sweden’s biggest community for programmers who are women and non-binary. We arrange inspiring coding events and camps, and host DE&I courses for companies. We aim to create a gender equal tech industry, and increase the number of women and non-binary people working as developers, as well as increasing their influence in the tech world.