Organize your own Pink Programming Camp

Do you have your own idea of a camp you want to realize, but don’t want to wait another year for it to happen? As a member of Pink Programming, you can host your own camp!

In order to organize camps outside the already planned Pink camps, your project plan must be approved by the Camp Manager and the board of Pink Programming. This is done by submitting an application to the Camp Manager at no later than March 17, with the following content:

  • Project description
    What do you want to do? Why should this particular camp be implemented? Why was it not included in the business plan from the beginning?

  • Value for Pink Programming
    What is the value of this program for Pink Programming, the participants and the members of Pink Programming?

  • Timetable
    An overall plan of which activities will be carried out during which time period leading up to the camp and during the camp.

  • Budget
    How does the preliminary budget look like?

  • Communications Plan
    How should you communicate the camp? When and how should the camps be spread?

The camp organizers must have a continuous dialogue with the Camp Manager and update on the latest events no less than every two weeks. This is to ensure that all our camps keep the same “Pink standard”. Camp Leader, Main Teacher and Teaching Assistants are compensated during these camps as well.

Do you have an awesome idea for a camp that you want to host?
Please send your project plan including all the necessary info to our Camp Manager Josefine Hjertström at by latest 17th of March!

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