Pink Portrait: Asmae Bni – Software security engineer

Text och bild: Maria Scharin

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics, Asmae went on to pursue a master’s degree with focus on IT security. Today, she’s working with data security at Axis Communication in Lund.

– You must be able to learn fast and use new technologies, and the job demands that you are curious and creative.

Growing up, Asmae’s parents always encouraged her to learn and be curious. Interestingly enough, Asmae says that in her home country Morocco, there is a bigger share of female developers. 

– Young women choose this career because you are likely to get a good job, and not least, get a good pay. The competition is tough, and the young must work and study hard to secure a good future. That’s why many women choose IT. 

Both her education and work environment have been male dominated, but Asmae has not personally seen this as a problem. Rather, she has viewed it as a challenge.

– I was the only woman at my first job, but I was placed in a really good team with colleagues that appreciated the work I did. 

Currently, Asmae coaches developer teams in security testing, as well as develops processes and methods to test Axis’s products from a security perspective. 

– For example the access to data from cameras and audio devices must be accessed in a secure way. 

Like her colleague Susanne (who we interviewed previously), Asmae partakes in the events hosted by Axis’s female network Q network.

– These events provide an excellent opportunity to connect with other women at Axis and learn about work in other departments. It is relaxing in a way, to sometimes talk with other women and share experiences with them. 

Asmae mentions several times that she has always received good support from her colleagues, and this has given her confidence to continue developing her skills. In her role as experienced software security engineer, Asmae feels like her colleagues and leaders listen to her and support and encourage her.

– I can influence which direction I want to develop professionally, and can shape my career in an interesting way.

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