Pink Programming Sundays

Our Sunday events are the core of what we do! Since 2015, we have coded with more than 8000 people around the globe.

We aim to create an inspiring environment, where women and non-binary who are interested in programming can have fun and feel at home while they learn to code, or build on existing skills. We also want to highlight the female role models of today and collaborate with the industry to inspire and create change together. 


Upcoming events

When the yearly Spotify Wrapped drops, we sure know there’s a lot of data gathered, packaged and neatly delivered to us. But how to visualize all these data?

At this digital event we’ll be exploring data visualization using Python! You’ll also get to meet an inspiring panel from Spotify, talking about a career in tech and at the company!

Sunday February 5th, at 13-16.30
Digital, registration required.