August 16, 2019

Pink Web Dev


What is PinkWebDev?


PinkWebDev aims to prepare you as a participant for the work as a junior developer. With Pink Programming, you will learn programming and techniques that are in line with the needs of the industry.

After the great success of PinkWebDev’s first edition in 2017, we launched the course again in the spring of 2020, with support from Malmö Stad.  

Through the collaboration with Pink Programming and Beetroot Academy, the course took place at Malmö’s buzzing startup hub The Ground, with some of the most innovative tech companies in the region! The intense but fulfilling 16-week course prepared all of our students with enough knowledge to be able to take on a position as a junior developer or an internship. 

How to apply?

Applications are closed. Contact us for more information on upcoming courses.



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