Programmering + skiing = PinkAndroid Camp 2018!

Mobile applications have been a huge part of our everyday life, but have you ever wanted to explore and discover how to make your own app?

With a hands on introduction to Android development you will get the opportunity to build and design your own personal mobile application. Together we will learn the process of creating applications where only our creativity can stop us. To boost our energy we will also ski through the winter wonderland in Järvsö and enjoy the beautiful landscape while rushing down the hills.

All women and transgender people of any age, background and previous experience of skiing are welcome to join the adventure! There will be an instructor for all skiing levels for those who would like to have one, but is of course not mandatory. Feel free to race down on your own or rather spend time focusing on Android. The goal is to give you enough tools so you can create your own personal calculator and to do-list application that you can bring back home to show family and friends.

Tickets will be released on the 8th of Novemberclick here for more information!

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