Programming summer camps 2019: robot games, dancing and new friends

It was sure a great summer, filled with sun, swim and lots of ice cream, everything that belongs to summer time. And for us at Pink Programming, summer time also means camp time!

This summer we hosted three different camps, all based in beautiful Kivik in Österlen, Skåne. Our house was placed in the middle of an apple farm, overlooking the ocean. Not only did we code away and learn a lot, we also cooked together, went for beautiful forest walks, practiced yoga in the backyard, hung out in the hot tub, and danced on the beach under the full moon. 

Java for beginners

Our first camp focused on Java for beginners. The course was led by the popular teacher Sandra Nilsson who normally teaches at LTH (Lund Faculty of Engineering), Lund University. The course started out with basic understanding about programming and at the end the participants got to create an android application. 

C# camp for beginners

Next up was C# camp – a new course addition for this year. Head teacher Antonina Nedvstedt, who normally works as Developer at Consid, did a great job teaching the participants to code from scratch. At the end of the course the participants proudly showed off their own robot games – and some took it a step further, and created their own programming dance.

Data Science and Machine Learning for intermediate

Last but not least, also a new addition for 2019, was Data Science and Machine Learning camp for experienced coders. 14 happy participants managed to get a ticket before this popular camp sold out within a day (!). 

This camp was hosted in collaboration with Neo4J, the company behind the graph database that helped during the investigation of the Panama Papers. Head teachers Maria Scharin and Louise Söderström held a workshop in the graph query language Cypher. 

Apart from exploring the graph database, one day was dedicated to machine learning using Python, all thanks to our third head teacher of the camp Farnaz Motamediyan from iZettle!

To sum it up

Thank you to all participants of our programming camps for a great summer with great memories! We will remember the summer of 2019 for a long time, and the memories will surely warm us up inside when the weather is chilly and the snow slush situation is too real. 

We hope to see you soon again, perhaps on a Pink Programming Sunday in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö soon? And if not on a Sunday, join our Christmas Coding camp this winter! Stay tuned for more information about our winter plans.

Last but not least, a big thank you to our sponsors Volvo Group, Sigma, Axis Communications AB, Amazon Web Services, B3 Consulting Group, Massive Entertainment, Tengai AB, SEB, The Ground and Neo4j. Thank you for making our camps possible and for making us able to give our participants discounted prices on our events!

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