🌞🌴⛱️Pink Programming Summer Camps🌞🌴⛱️

Java for Beginners Camp

A four day beginner level code camp. Where you learn the basics for programming to start your journey, in a beautiful setting.

Our popular Java for Beginners Camp returns. Are you curious about coding but never gotten around to try it? Then this camp is for you! You will learn the basics of programming and get a foundation to continue exploring on your own. The camp will be in Swedish. 

August 18th – 21st / Vårtorps Gård


Ethical & Responsible Machine Learning Camp

A five day intermediate level code camp. Surrounded by nature. Accompanied by friends.

Ethical & Responsible Machine Learning Summer Camp is an intermediate level camp focusing on the issues of sustainability, transparency and fairness in the data and machine learning domain. Workshops will tackle current ethical challenges and will be combined with introductory hands-on projects and coding for building trustworthy and fair ML models using various Python libraries.

August 24th – 28th / Vårtorps Gård

Deep dive into code in a friendly environment!
At our camps you get the chance to deepen your knowledge. You who are a beginner get plenty of time to learn the basics, and you who are an experienced developer get plenty of time to rehearse and try new things.

Since the summer of 2015, we have arranged camps with the aim of teaching programming to women in an inspiring and friendly environment. At each camp, 15-20 participants gather in a cabin where we fill the days with lessons in programming, good food and excursions. In the evenings we cook dinner together, watch movies and talk well into the wee hours. We never have a boring time together!

The camps always have a specific area or language as a focus. For example, we have arranged camps in Java, C #, JavaScript and Machine Learning!