🌞🌴⛱️ Machine Learning Camp🌞🌴⛱️

Summer is coming, and we all know what that means, right!? It’s time for SUMMER CAMP!  
This year we will bring to you Machine Learning Camp – Fundamentals of Deep Learning!


What will you get? 

We will provide you with teacher-led lessons, combined with hands-on programming tasks—all to give you the best possible programming start. Our goal is to inspire and give you a good foundation to continue learning more about the field. The camp is perfect for you who have recently started your journey in Machine Learning and want to take your first step into the world of Deep Learning. We especially welcome people with different backgrounds as we believe that we can all learn from each other one step at a time. 

But not only that…

We will mix things up with fun social activities like cook-alongs, yoga, and games. What’s more: it will be a space to make friends with fellow participants!

Our camps are always very popular, so make sure to set your alarm and don’t miss out!

When? 16-20 August, we will be programming approximately between 9 am and 5 pm. Both before and after there will be other social or recreational activities to do.

What? This fundamentals of deep learning camp is focusing on the basics of neural networks, which are a popular and powerful way of solving complex machine learning problems. 

For whom? Intermediates, basic programming (preferably Python) including variables and data types, lists, tuples, dictionaries and for loops, conditional statements and functions are prerequisites.   

How? Tickets will be released on Wednesday, May 26th at 3 PM! 

Find out more info on the camp and grab your ticket here:

Cancellation policy
Tickets are non-refundable.
However, in the event of Pink Programming having to cancel the camp the tickets will be refunded.


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