We did it! A run-through of Pink Digital Sundays

This spring has left us with memorable experiences from our Pink Digital Sundays! As we welcome the summer, we might as well do a quick recap on our first big online experiment.

“We really wanted to keep Pink’s warm, fun vibes and allow participants to code with us and mingle during the event”, Ellen Hedberg (Head of Communications) explains. “Not just sit there and listen to a monologue on how to code.”

All through the project, we had the technical support of Jenny Dybedahl from our sponsor B3. She also happens to be one of our board members, so who better than her to help us find a tailor-made technical solution!

The online training software chosen by Jenny allowed us to have an active conversation with participants. We also made our Digital Sundays a bit cozier by using tools like Mentimeter, Slack and LinkedIn Events — allowing attendants to get help from our mentors, and get to know each other better.

Coordinating online events with our sponsors was another interesting challenge. They came up with creative solutions, too! Their adaptability and willingness to try new things with us during these uncertain times was much appreciated. 

Telavox decided to go for a talk show style and do a live broadcast from their office before the event. Futurice had a fun Pokemon-based workshop that participants really liked, and B3 gave us a great panel discussion where they introduced us to their trainee program.

We’ve never had such a massive attendance before! Twice as usual, actually. People were joining us from places we wouldn’t have reached otherwise — not just from remote towns in Sweden, but also from abroad.

The whole experience taught us to be adaptable and people-centered while working online: “We had to understand we were working with humans, and that should be our point of departure.”, Ellen tells us. “Not focusing on what we can do with technology, but what technology can do for us.”

We’re looking forward to more digital events, starting with our summer camps next week. Hopefully we’ll also meet you at our physical events when the situation finally allows for it. See you then!